Monthly Plan


Monthly plan for your furry who is hooked on to healthy eating.

This is what we call healthy eating. Only real food for real health- anytime and everytime.

Happiness guranteed with healthy, happy and active fur babies!

What You Get ?


30 days of Stress- free and healthy meal time for your furry.
Meals are tailored to your buddy’s weight and calorie requirement.
Convenient and hassle-free one-time payment.
Complimentary weekly delivery.

Chicken Rice

Chicken Lentil

Chicken Pasta

Cottage Cheese Soya

Once a day plan


8 packs of Chicken Rice


8 packs of Chicken Pasta


8 packs of Chicken Lentil


6 packs of Cottage Cheese Soya


Twice a day plan


16 packs of Chicken Rice


16 packs of Chicken Pasta


16 packs of Chicken Lentil


12 packs of Cottage Cheese Soya


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