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5 Ways Pets Can Improve Your Health And Increase Lifespan

As pet parents, we often swear by the fact that our pets are the reason for our good health, energy and long life. Non-pet owners have often laughed and rolled their eyes on our belief but how would THEY know?

But now there is empirical data to prove the same!!

A recent study has found that dog owners have reduced the risk of heart disease as they have improved heart health.
This is a very critical piece of finding, given the fact that today heart diseases are the leading cause of death. You spend time and money researching and buying medicines and supplements to improve heart health when all you might have to do is a get a cute little furry baby home!!

Although this study may have singularly focused on how a pet can have a positive effect on your heart, it still raises the more generic question –

Do pets increase our lifespan?

Certain factors affect our longevity over time, and many of these factors are positively affected by keeping a pet.



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Dogs need to walk regularly to stay healthy, so dog owners on an average walk 22 minutes more than the others. This excellent low-intensity workout is excellent for your heart health and also for a healthy pet.

Although much focus is given on this extra walking for better health for dog owners, as dog owners we know of all the other numerous incidental activities that keep us moving throughout the day.

Getting up to feed your pet some healthy pet food, ensuring that the water bowl is clean and filled up all times, grooming sessions of the pet, picking up the ball to play fetch, having a rolling course of tug-of-war are all activities that reduce prolonged sitting.

Our pets nudge us to keep moving, and that is great for our health!


Studies have shown that interacting with pets reduces stress. This is the reason why animals are so useful in therapy.
Pet owners have reduced levels of cortisol – the stress hormone that depresses our immune function. Pet owners have heightened levels of oxytocin and parasympathetic function that improves the immune system and promotes well-being.
Your pet can identify signs of panic attack, pain, stress, and anxiety in you. Their closeness at times of stress, pain, and depression helps to keep the mental health in check.

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This special bond that you have with your pet is the reason for that happy and stress-free look on the face of most pet owners.
Also the more time you spend with your pet make them a happy and healthy pet. It is not just about giving the best and healthy dog food but also about spending quality time with your pet that is important for their long and healthy life!


Take a walk in the park with your pet and chances are that someone will come to gush about your pet or stop to play with it.
A study in 2015 revealed that 80% of the participants said that they know their neighbors better because of their pet.
If you are an introvert and are unable to start a conversation with a stranger, your pet will help as the icebreaker.

So more friends… happier you …longer life!

If you are scarce of topics to talk about, there is always the topic on what is the best dog food in Delhi NCR and how is fresh pet food better than kibbles? This can still be a good conversation starter with other pet parents!


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Loneliness and health issues can drive people to depression and suicidal tendencies. This is particularly true for aged or people suffering from chronic diseases. Caring for the pet gives a purpose to life and motivates to get up and move.
Pets rely on us for their emotional and physical health.

Having this purpose in itself an excellent motivator for people to endorse life. Your pet makes you feel needed and loved all the time whether it is for exercise or to be fed the best dog food that is ideal for their long and healthy life!


Contrary to popular belief that surrounding us with pets will lead to allergies – early exposure to pets in our life results in the better immune system. Studies have shown that children who are exposed to pets in the first year of their life have lesser chances of developing allergies and asthma-related issue in later years. Early exposure to pets trains our immune system to cope with allergens that are found in pet-borne microbes. Isn’t it great that our furry babies besides giving us unconditional love, demanding limitless belly rubs and slobbering us with kisses – they are also the reason for our long life!

Now, all we have to do in return is give them a complete life filled with love, fun, and healthy food – and no food can be healthier than FurrMeals Home Cooked Pet Food.

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