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Common Misconceptions About Home Cooked Pet Food

It has been more than a decade since the infamous pet food recall in the year 2007. Several cases of renal failure in dogs and cats that led to numerous deaths resulted in a thorough investigation of some of the most well known international pet food brands. The result showed a high level of melamine which was caused due to contaminated wheat gluten which was sourced from a Chinese manufacturing firm. Wheat Gluten makes up a large part of the commercial pet food.

The investigation, report and the consequent recall was an eye opener for many pet parents who started taking a closer look at the pet food labels and started questioning the authenticity of each ingredient.

This case of contamination and several other reports in the following years of low-quality ingredients being used in the manufacturing of commercial pet food has made pet parents wary of dishing out the commercial pet food to their beloved four-legged furriend.

More and more per parents are now shifting to safer pet food options and the foremost in the list is Home Cooked Pet Food.

With Home Cooked Pet Food, pet parents have the assurance of identifying the ingredients that go into each meal – something that is hard to decipher in a commercial pet food.

However, there is still a debate on whether home cooked pet food is really self-sustaining and can give our pets the optimum health that we want from every food choice that we make?

Many veterinary have analyzed different home-cooked pet food made by pet parents and have come to the conclusion that not all home cooked pet food diet can be approved to be served to pets. Many of the home cooked meal plans are not nutritionally balanced.

However, if a homemade diet is nutritionally balanced taking into account the pet’s weight, age, breed, activity levels, living conditions, health conditions, and overall physiology – then it is way better than commercial pet food.

What differentiates a good home cooked pet food diet from an insufficient one is the knowledge and understanding of canine nutrition.

Here are some common misconceptions about home cooked pet food diets that are resulting in pet parents making the wrong food choices for their pets.

Home-cooked organic dog food in Delhi

Myth: If I use a variety of fresh, wholesome, human grade food then my dog will get enough nutrition!

Although this point has some merit because fresh, wholesome and human grade food is the best for your furry as it is more bioavailable than the processed food but balancing the nutrients is very important for your furry’s overall health.

Even home cooked food that is prepared with proper care by the pet parents themselves can come up lacking in some of the basic nutrients. Your pet’s nutritional needs are different from yours and so the proportion of ingredients in the diet should also be different.

Canine nutrition is not a simple science that can be mastered with some Google searches. If you plan to prepare the meals for your furry- make sure that you have complete and comprehensive knowledge of canine nutrition. Read extensively, talk to vets and nutritionists and start thinking of ingredients in terms of their nutritional value.

Once you have the complete understanding of the subject, then sit down to draw a recipe chart for your furry that would include different food groups. Make sure that you provide complete nutrition through species appropriate, bioavailable ingredients.

It might sound too daunting and too much of a work, but it is important to follow through carefully when preparing the meal plan – after all, it is about the health and long life of your fur baby.

Myth: My furry loves yogurt and has it every day so I am sure her calcium needs are met!

Sadly it is not true. Your dog’s calcium needs are much higher and yogurt will not be able to give enough.

Calcium is a very integral part of your furry’s nutritional needs and is important for their bone health.  Calcium is a part of a lot of other ingredients that you will be adding in the diet but it may still not be enough!

A low calcium diet over a period of time can result in poor bone health, arthritis and other health issues that can adversely affect the quality of life of your furry -, especially senior pets.

Every home cooked diet will have to be supplemented with additional calcium to make it completely balanced. Unless you are feeding raw bones, a calcium supplement is always necessary.

You can either use a commercial calcium supplement or an excellent natural calcium supplement of eggshell powder.

A healthy adult dog needs 50mg of calcium per kg of body weight. So a 25kg furry has an RDA of 1250mg of calcium. A tsp of eggshell powder contains 2200mg of calcium carbonate, so half a tsp will be enough for a 25kg furry.

Home-cooked organic dog food in Delhi

How to make eggshell powder?

  1. Clean 12 egg shells and boil it in water for 10 minutes to remove all microbes on the surface of the eggshell.
  2. Drain and dry on a kitchen towel.
  3. Preheat oven to 300 degrees.
  4. Spread the eggshells evenly on a baking dish or sheet and bake for 7 minutes.
  5. Spread the baked egg shells to cool to room temperature.
  6. Grind the eggshells in a mixer grinder to a fine powder.
  7. Check with fingers to make sure that there are no sharp-edged parts remaining.
  8. Store in an airtight container and use within 2 months.

Each egg will yield about 1tsp of eggshell powder. You can keep making fresh batched every 15 days to have a continuous supply of eggshell powder to augment the homemade diet of your furry.

Myth: If my recipe has any nutritional gaps from my homemade food, a multivitamin pill will cover it up!

Well, it might but which vitamin and in how much proportion? Any homemade diet that has been prepared without a thorough understanding of your pet’s nutritional needs will be lacking in some of the other nutrients but how will you know which one and by how much!

Multivitamins vary greatly in their formulation and proportion, so how will you know which one is best suited for your furry?

Choosing an all-purpose multi-vitamin will not serve the purpose of balancing out the deficient diet.  This is because most commercial, all-purpose, multivitamins have low levels of nutrients as they are supposed to augment the commercial food and not balance homemade diets.

So even if you supplement a homemade diet with multivitamins, you may still not be able to balance the meals unless you have designed the meals keeping in mind the nutritional needs of your pet and the bioavailability of each ingredient.

Myth: If I make sure that I feed my pet healthy food then that is enough to fulfill the nutritional requirements!

Many of us assume that what we eat is good for our fur babies as well. If we eat healthy food and give the same to our furry, it may not necessarily be equally healthy and balanced for them.

We are physiologically different from dogs. The nutritional guidelines that work for humans do not work for canines. Humans are omnivorous and can thrive on vegetarian diets which is rich in carbohydrates. Dogs, on the other hand, need a higher percentage of protein in their diet that is ideally obtained from an animal source.

To have an active, healthy pet at home, we should ideally work out a diet plan for them independently and cook their meals separately. In all cases avoid the recipes that you make for human consumption that is rich in spices and fats.

Myth: A diet made up of only chicken or meat is enough for my dog because dogs don’t really need carbohydrates, grains, and vegetables!

It is true that our furry companion needs more protein. Protein is an integral part of their diet and should cover at least 40% of their calorie needs.

In the wild, dogs would generally feed on animal protein. Their teeth and intestine are also made to tear meat and digest it. So, it is preferred to fulfill their protein needs through animal proteins.

However, protein is not the only nutrients needed by your dog.

It is a common misconceptions about home cooked pet food that dogs do not require carbohydrate and grains are especially bad for them. But that is far from true!

Although your dog can metabolize adequate amount of glucose from a diet that consists solely of protein and fat and a diet that completely lacks in carbohydrate will not lead to any deficiency but that does not mean that carbs are bad for your furry.

Complex carbohydrates do provide a healthy dose of energy and aids in healthy gastrointestinal function.

When making a homemade diet for your furry, make sure that some portion of the diet does consist of complex carbohydrate in the form of rice, legumes, quinoa or starchy vegetables. Do keep in mind not to go overboard with carbohydrates as it may lead to weight gain. Always follow the AAFCO guidelines when designing the meal plan for your furry.

A moderate amount of vegetables adds vitamins and minerals to your furry’s bowl. Although your furry is getting an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals from the animal protein source also but the phytochemicals in the fruits and vegetables also helps build immunity.

However, it is important to use the veggies judiciously. Some vegetables have chemicals that may hamper the absorption of minerals and these should be avoided – like tomatoes, eggplants, peppers etc. These veggies contain an alkaloid, Solanine, that aggravates inflammation. Also, limit the dose of dark green leafy vegetables as they contain a high level of oxalate that may result in bladder stones.

Some vegetables like carrots, green beans, pumpkin, sweet potatoes are quite safe. These vegetables can be used as treats or as a low-calorie natural filler in the bowls of overweight ferries.


Home-cooked organic dog food in Delhi

A homemade diet is a very healthy alternative to even the most premium commercial pet food that is out there in the market. However, it is important to do proper research and planning when designing the meals.

Although many veterinarians acknowledge that the commercial pet food is not the best but they may also be concerned about recommending a 100% homemade diet. This is because most pet parents make their own homemade diet plans for pets without proper knowledge and experience of canine nutrition.

If you want to shift your furry to homemade food that you prepare on your own then make sure you research multiple sources, talk to canine nutritionists and talk to vets. Make sure that the meal is nutritionally balanced as per AAFCO guidelines.

It is important to exercise caution and start slowly. Make a gradual shift when changing the diet of a furry. Also if your pet is a puppy, a senior or has some pre-existing health condition, every change in diet should be made after a thorough consultation with the vet.

Ideally, a homemade diet should be designed by an experienced veterinary nutritionist. A homecooked pet food that is exclusively designed for your furry is always the best.

However, it needs a lot of effort and time to prepare meals that are completely balanced and nutritionally appropriate for your furry.

Instead, let the experts handle it for you!

FurrMeals Home Cooked Pet Food is the best choice for complete, wholesome and balanced home-cooked meals. Recipes that are designed by experienced and practicing canine nutritionist, each meal is packed as per the individual needs of your pet. Frozen and vacuum packed in meal size packs – FurrMeals is most tasty, convenient and healthy way to feed your furry.

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Tips For Selecting The Best Food For Your Dog

The food that you give to your furry makes a huge difference to their overall health, energy levels, longevity and quality of life. While we want the best for our four-legged companion, we sometimes forget to look into their food bowl to check if we are giving them the best dog food and compromise on the quality of ingredients in favor of the convenience of packaged food.

With so many different brands and options available for commercial pet food, the choice is even
more daunting for pet parents. The marketing taglines that the big brands use to promote their
product and boost their sale do not make the task any easier for pet parents.

The pet food market has evolved a lot in the past couple of years. Many new brands and varieties of
pet food are making a beeline for the consumers. But choosing the best dog food for your pup or
adult dog takes some insight and understanding on what dog needs and what is the different types of
food offering that is best for their health.

Here, IS a list of Tips To Choose The Best Dog Food For Your Furry


Best dog food in Delhi NCR

Would you ever think of serving dried food like kibble to the human members of your family? Can you imagine feeding your children a consistent diet of highly processed, dehydrated pellets that are loaded with preservatives, coloring agents and harmful fillers? So why do you that to your four-legged baby?

Even the most premium brands of kibbles contain a very high amount of indigestible fillers, chemicals, and preservatives. Many of the ingredients may not be species appropriate and you are still willing to fill out their food bowl at every mealtime with the dry kibbles. It is time to think again
before picking up the kibble pack. Kibble is certainly not the best food choice for your pet.

The most nutritious meal for your furry is wholesome, fresh food just like what we eat which has been
specially formulated for your furry based on years of learning and knowledge of veterinary science.


What is good for you to eat will most certainly be good for your pet and they definitely deserve
nothing less than the best.

Most of the commercial pet food is made with animal ‘by-products’, which are those parts of the
animal that are not fit for human consumption. The throwaway parts of the animal make way into
the commercial pet food bags and give the protein content to the food.

When you choose the food for your pet make sure that it is made of the best quality meat that is fresh and
human grade, cooked and mixed in the right proportion to provide complete and wholesome nutrition
to your furry.


Best dog food in Delhi NCRDog food labels can be very misleading and only the most knowledgeable and thorough pet parents
will be able to decipher what the label truly says.

Peanut shells can show up at vegetable fiber and will add absolutely no nutritional value to the meal. However, his may be the most harmless example of misleading information but some of the other ingredients that you will not be able to make out because of their difficult sounding names would be harmful preservatives and fillers.

Always look for dog food that is 100% free of preservatives, coloring agents, additives, and fillers.


High quality, human grade ingredients are best to provide optimum nutrition to your furry. To get
maximum benefit from each ingredient, they must be cooked mildly and separately to avoid
overcooking of any individual ingredient.

Studies have shown that dogs are able to digest and absorb mildly cooked food better than food that
has gone through high processing like dry kibbles.

Mildly cooked meals are also better than raw feeding because the gentle cooking not only makes the
food more palatable and absorbable but also eliminates any potential contamination hazard that may
the result from the raw feeding of meat and other meat products.

Mildly cooked pet food is the optimal cooking method for maximum nutrition and minimal health


A veterinary with the right knowledge, experience, and background in the field of canine nutrition,
food formulation and toxicology study should be involved in the designing and creation of your
dog’s diet. Google is not always the best place to search for answers especially when it is related to
something as critical as your furry’s health.

Choose pet food that is veterinary approved and has gone through feeding trails to make sure that it
is healthy and nutritionally balanced.


Best dog food in Delhi NCRIt is easy to get swayed by the marketing gimmicks of the pet food brands that sell millions of dollars annually on marketing and branding but prudence in making the impartial choice is much advised for the food you choose for your pet.

Commercial Pet food industry is unregulated and this allows the manufacturers to use vague terminology on the food labels of the packs. This makes it nearly impossible for the pet parents to deduce the individual ingredient that goes into the bowl of their beloved pet.

Instead of choosing brands that are manufactured in large factories using ingredients that are difficult to decipher, choose food that is freshly cooked in small batches. Smaller brands that are run by pet parents are more open to public view and adhere to better quality and higher operating standards.

Even in the absence of regulations on pet food, some home cooked pet food companies use the best
quality human grade ingredients and maintain a stricter quality control.

Transparency is the key to the survival of the family based pet food brands and this makes them the
best choice for pet food.


Every dog is different and so are their nutritional needs. Unlike what commercial pet food brands
have made us believe in all these years, one size does not fit all. All dogs do not need the exact same
food in the exact same amount throughout their life.

Meals that are tailored based on the pet’s life stage, health condition and activity levels are best for
your pet.

Puppies have different requirements than adult dogs. Requirements also differ between breeds and
their sizes.

Best pet food should give customized meal plans and take into account your pet’s individual health
conditions and nutritional requirements.


Choosing the right pet food is one of the most important decisions that you will make for your fur
baby. Food that is perfect for your pet will not only make them more healthy and active but also add
more years to their life and save you from future medical bills.

Now that you know all the essential points to look for when choosing the best pet food for your furry,
all you have to do is choose the brand that delivers on all those points.

FurrMeals is a great option when it comes to home-cooked pet food that is customized to your dog’s
needs and also delivered to your doorstep. An innovative concept in the field of fresh pet food,
FurrMeals Home Cooked Pet Food comes in multiple recipe options to add more variety and
nutrition to your pet’s everyday meals.

Cooked in small batches in state of the art, hygienic kitchen with human grade ingredients that are
sourced from trusted local suppliers, each of the recipes of FurrMeals is designed by experienced and
certified veterinary nutritionists to make sure that they meet all the guidelines of AAFCO.

If you are looking for a high-quality home-cooked pet food that is free of preservatives, 100% free of
coloring agents, additives and harmful fillers then FurrMeals come highly recommended as the best
freshly cooked and healthy pet food for your furry.