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6 Benefits Of Fresh And Natural Pet Food Diet

Over the last few years there has been a paradigm shift in the way we look at food. A lot of education and debate about what we should and should not eat for better health has given rise to a whole generation of people who believe in the power of fresh homemade food over packaged food.

The result is that in most households sodas have given way to fresh juices, healthy snacks and fresh fruits have replaced chips… We have now realized the importance of eating healthy and fresh food!

This journey and understanding of better health through healthier food has not been easy. Last few generations have struggled and suffered the after-effects of eating out of bags. Although we have realized the undeniable power of food on our health, we are yet to realize that food has the same effect on our pets.

Even though we have started reading the labels on our food packets but we are yet to do the same with pet food. Years of marketing by the commercial pet food brands have numbed us into thinking that the best dog food comes in those colorful big bags stocked in pet store.

Commercial pet food is highly processed to the extent that the nutritional value of ingredients is completely lost. Chemical supplements, with difficult sounding names, are added to the food to make it nutritionally balanced. Most commercial pet food, made with feed grade ingredients, requires high level of processing and temperature to kill bacteria and make is edible for our pets.

Fresh homemade dog food on the other hand; made with human grade ingredients, requires minimal processing and is packed with fresh and natural ingredients.

While our furry friends can survive on commercial dry food much like we can survive on a diet of burger and chips but they will experience vast health benefits when you shift them to a diet of fresh pet food.

Fresh dog food made with high quality, human grade ingredients with minimal processing can result in overall health benefits leading to longer and better quality of life of our furry friends.

Using species appropriate ingredients and creating a balanced meal that is both appetizing and appealing to your pet could be a hard task; not to forget time consuming and inconvenient. The answer to this problem is not to pick up a dry pet food bag but to look up a reputed and trustworthy company that offers fresh pet food delivery right at your doorstep.

Furrmeals Home Cooked Pet Food is one such company that offers monthly subscription based multi-recipe plans to suit the palate of every furry. With weekly deliveries of fresh pet food in Delhi NCR, now giving your furry complete and balanced homemade dog food has never been easier.

Here are some of improvements that you will notice once you shift to a fresh dog food plan:

Home cooked dog food online in Delhi

1. Fresh Food For Dogs Makes Them Better, Stronger, Faster and Healthier

A fresh food diet has the same effect on your furry as it has on you. Pet food made with fresh, high quality human grade ingredients helps build a stronger immune system and increases the vitality of your pet.

Even senior dogs, who may have spent a lifetime eating out of a bag, will show a marked difference in their activity levels and playfulness once they are shifted to a fresh pet food diet.

Natural anti-oxidants, proteins and vitamins found in high quality ingredients in fresh dog food have both preventive and curative effect on many ailments and health conditions.

The vitamins and minerals that come from fresh vegetables and freshly cooked proteins play an important role in maintaining the immune system, which results in fewer vet visits.

Commercial dry pet food is processed at very high temperatures making them loose natural nutritional value of the ingredients. Fresh homemade pet food on the other hand is cooked minimally and lightly to retain all its natural nutritional value. The ready-to-eat fresh pet food when delivered to your home will give all the health benefits that you seek from pet food.

2. Fresh Pet Food Gives Better Digestion

All proteins listed in the commercial dog food bags are not necessarily of the best quality. More importantly, when a dry dog food bag claims that it has 30% protein, not all of it is digestible.

Your furry’s digestive system is not designed to consume and digest the bulk of ingredients that are found in dry food. As a result they don’t get digested and absorbed optimally. The result is a big heap of smelly poop.

Fresh pet food with fresh ingredients on the other hand has more bio-availability than processed pet food. This means long-term health benefits for fresh food feeders.

Once you switch to fresh homemade dog food, you will notice an instant change in the poop quality of your furry. Fresh pet food gets digested and absorbed properly resulting in smaller and fewer poop.

3. Fresh Pet Food Has Real Ingredients

Fresh food for pets like FurrMeals Home Cooked Pet Food has real ingredients that you can easily see and identify through the see through packaging. With fresh pet food you know exactly, what goes into your furry’s bowl, so no more guessing games.

Commercial pet food has low quality protein unlike the fresh, unaltered, unadulterated, human grade meat and chicken that is the main ingredient of these ready-to-eat fresh food packs.

With no hidden ingredients or chemicals in your furry’s fresh pet food pack, you are avoiding many of the health issues that are part and parcel of commercial pet food diet.

4. Freshly Cooked And Balanced Pet  Food Gives Better Coat and Skin

Many dogs suffer from skin issues like rashes, itching and dry coats. Many of these problems are due to the large amount of fillers that add bulk to dry pet foods.

Fresh nutrient rich diet with veterinary formulated recipes like FurrMeals, has all the fatty acids that are important for good skin and fur. The right combination of omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 will hydrate the skin, improve coat quality and make your dog feeling softer and fluffier with a fresh pet food diet.

5. Fresh Pet Food Increases Life Span

Home cooked dog food online in Delhi

Studies have shown that pets who maintain a healthy body weight have a 20% longer lifespan than others. Fresh pet food diet helps to maintain that healthy body weight.

A diet consisting primarily of processed food leaves your pets sluggish and overweight with an added risk of a host of health issues.

Commercial dog food is rich in carbohydrates and contains many fillers and preservatives. Serving this food over a long period poses a health hazard to your pets, whereas a diet that contains fresh and natural ingredients increases the energy levels and improves the overall health of your pet.

Pet parents who have made the switch to fresh dog food say that they definitely feel a difference in their pets for the better. As our pets grow older and have a shorter time left with us, it is important to squeeze as much time out of them as we can – a healthy diet will help add more years to their life!

6. Fresh Pet Food is Free of Preservatives

Home cooked dog food online in DelhiA truly fresh food diet for pets should have no additives and preservatives. Commercial dog food is loaded with preservatives and additives to increase their shelf life or to make it more appealing to the human eye because your dog obviously doesn’t care about the color of the kibbles.

If you want to start feeding healthy then you can even start with simply adding some fresh species appropriate ingredients into their food bowls. However, there is always a possibility of unbalancing the meals this way.

The best way however is to make the complete shift to fresh pet food diet with a nutritionally balanced fresh dog food plan .

Fresh and balanced dog food is a challenge for many pet parents as it requires extensive research, formulation and guidance of veterinary nutritionist.

However, FurrMeals makes it super easy. Now the best and most balanced nutrition is just a click away. Cooked fresh to order and delivered right to your doorstep, it is the healthiest, tastiest and easiest pet diet.

Arshia Goel, New Delhi, a FurrMeals feeder for over 6 months says, “The impact that fresh meals from FurrMeals have made on Dash has been really significant. His overall health is much improved and he is more active now. His veterinary says that he is one of the healthiest pugs they have seen in a long time.”

Conceptualized by pet parents and designed by vets, pet food doesn’t get better and fresher than FurrMeals.

To try fresh dog food and see the real health benefits that it can do to your furry, start your monthly subscription plan now!

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