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The Rising Trend Of Fresh Food For Pets

Fresh Food For Pets Sales Are Soaking in US and India is not going to be far behind.

There are two major trends that are really catching up amongst pet parents and are dictating today’s pet industry. Majority of pet parents today consider their pets as a family member and are willing to go that extra mile to make sure that their pets feel well pampered with the latest pet products in hand.

In addition to that pet parents now look more carefully into their feeding bowls to make sure that they are feeding the best and healthiest food available – the shift is towards feeding fresh and real food, so the run-of–the-mill kibble is not an option for Fluffy and Buddy anymore.

Fresh Food For Pets

Younger pet parents who are more health conscious and careful about their own feeding habits are taking the same concern when choosing pet food. Fresh pet food brands like FurrrMeals are increasingly becoming the food choice for pet parents. Pre-proportioned, freshly cooked meals without any preservative or chemicals, delivered weekly, fits in perfectly in the food philosophy of today’s conscious pet parents.

Proponents of fresh pet food say that fresh food preserves the nutrient value of the ingredients better than the dried or canned food. The idea is to mimic the ancestral diet of the pets using species appropriate fresh ingredients.

“Just as we are more careful and skeptical before picking up a pack of highly processed food for ourselves, in the same way we want to look more critically at what we feed our Penny”, says Hitesh Bansal, pet-parent of 6-year-old Chihuahua and FurrMeals customer. “I can’t really understand how could something with a shelf life of over one year be better than fresh and real food?”

Some pet parents and veterinarians do question the rising trend of fresh pet food. They feel that there is risk of nutrient imbalance in the diet unless veterinary nutritionist with adequate knowledge and experience design the meals.

Fresh Food For Pets

Not all the Fresh Food For Pets brands out there in the market are serving completely balanced meals and may be lacking in some essential nutrients. If one of the nutrients is too high or too low, or there is an inappropriate proportion of nutrients, it can lead to significant health problems in pets and that may not noticeable for months or even years to come.

FurrMeals Home Cooked Pet Food is backed by extensive research and knowledge of veterinary science to make sure that you are feeding the most balanced diet. Vet designed and vet approved- FurrMeals is the best fresh pet food for your furry!

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