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8 Natural Power Food To Add To Your Dog’s Diet

If you treat your dog as your child, then you should be equally concerned about their nutritional needs. As a responsible pet parent, it is important that you start them on the right food and good eating habits from the puppy stage itself.

Although, the internet is an easy source of information, but only a trained Canine Nutritionist or your veterinary is the right person to guide you and most of them will suggest a fresh food diet like FurrMeals for your furry. Recipes especially designed for dogs like Herbed Chicken & RiceJuicy Chicken & PastaChunky Lamb & Brown Rice and Fresh Cottage Cheese and Peas, are important to give the right balance of nutrition to your dog.

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Pets require nutrients, not ingredients. A diet full of great-sounding ingredients may not be an ideal diet for them and instead, a balanced recipe made with humble and everyday ingredients will keep them healthier.

Here is a list of few readily available ingredients, which can fulfill your dog’s nutritional needs

1- Chicken is the most popular protein source used in dog food. It is one of the most nutritious and easily available proteins. Lightly cooked chicken, especially the leaner breast portions are ideal for your dog.

2- Cottage Cheese is a calcium rich protein source than is also recommended for dogs. FurrrMeals Fresh Cottage Cheese & Peas is a balanced vegetarian recipe that is made of Cottage Cheeses. You can feed your dog a small piece of cottage cheese for an extra boost of calcium. Cottage Cheese is a calorie-dense and high-fat food so it is important to feed in moderation.

3- Plain yogurt is an excellent addition to your dog’s diet. Yogurt provides protein and calcium for muscles and bones. The probiotic quality of the yogurt also helps in digestion and improves gut health.

4-Egg is a complete food and a great source of protein. It helps build muscle, strengthen the hair, and repair tissue.  Eggs are a good source of Vitamin A, Riboflavin, Foliate, Vitamin, 12 Iron, Selenium, Fatty Acids and more. Scramble an egg and serve it to your dog while you have your evening snacks but do keep a check on the amount of egg you give to your dog.

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5- Green Beans are an excellent low calorie source of fiber, vitamins, magnesium, Vitamins A, C and K. We add Green Beans toFurrMeals Juicy Chicken & Pasta recipe for it health benefitsfor your dog. Green Beans are also a natural and healthy snack for your furry.

6- Apples are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Magnesium and dietary fiber. Apples clean your dog’s teeth, and improve their dental health and breath. Vitamin C in the apples helps to build immunity in your furry. Avoid the core of the apple,as it is poisonous for your dog.

7- Carrots support dental and eye health for your furry. With low calorie, low fat, soluble fiber, Beta-Carotene, and Vitamin A, it improves immunity, skin, and coat.

8- Broccoli is a super source of vitamins C & K as well as fiber and foliates. The cancer-fighting antioxidants combined with anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory agents make Broccoli an outstanding food and that is

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Make every food choice an intelligent one for your dog as you are responsible for their health. Give them a diet that is balanced, fresh and with species-appropriate ingredients to provide optimum nutrition.

Guesswork does not work for your dog as in the long run an unbalanced diet can be very harmful and lead to deficiencies and health issues. Let the expert team of FurrMeals handle the nutrition for your dog to make sure that they get nothing but the best in their meals.