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9 Monsoon Care Tips For Your Dog

Monsoon is one of the most beautiful times of the year when we are surrounded by nature’s beauty in its full galore. While we enjoy this season so much, it is not one of best time of the year for our pets as they fall prey to the changing weather. Monsoon is the time to be extra cautious as pet parents and make sure they are getting the right care and healthy food for dogs.

Your dog’s inbuilt immunity is going to come in handy at this time. Dogs who are on a healthy dog food diet like FurrMeals Home Cooked Pet Food are less susceptible to diseases than dogs who are on an unbalanced diet. The protein rich recipes, like Herbed Chicken & Rice, Chunky Lamb & Brown Rice give your dog the internal strength to combat infections. This is also the time to make sure that your dog is eating low-fat healthy dog treats.

Here are some monsoon care tips to follow during this season:

1. Keep your dog away from tick-infested areas during monsoon:

Did you know that 1 in every 3 dogs get tick fever during the monsoon season! Ticks and fleas are one of the most common problems during the monsoon season. Ticks thrive in temperatures above 35 degrees and humid conditions, and this weather is the perfect condition for that.

Tick fever is quiet common in dogs and can become quite serious in dogs with low immunity and in severe cases cause organ damage in pets. Besides visual inspiration, regular anti-tick baths, you can also use natural tick repellent sprays like neem water. Even some commercial tick collar can come in handy in this season. Give a natural immunity-boosting healthy dog food diet like FurrMeals Juicy Chicken & Pasta to keep your dog strong from inside to fight infections.

2. Dogs suffer from water-borne diseases in monsoon:

Monsoon is also the time for water-borne diseases and other intestinal and stomach infections in your furry. Some dogs, who have the habit of licking every surface or drinking dirty water during their walk, are more prone to catching the stomach bug.

Do not let your dog drink dirty rainwater. Once inside, wash their paws and dry them up before they start licking their paws. Do not let them eat grass as they can ingest germs and worms. Introduce fresh and healthy human food for dogs in their diet so that they get all the required nutrients.

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3. Dogs catch cold easily in monsoon:

Pets are also prone to cough, cold and even pneumonia during monsoon. It is best to avoid getting your pet wet in the rain and dry them well after every walk. Regulate the temperature indoors. Lay out their doggo beds so that if the floor feels cold they can snuggle in their bed instead of lying on the cold floor and catch a cold.

4. Use protective dog rain-gear to walk your dog in the rain:

During the rainy season you can find many different type of handy and even fun rain-gears for your dog that come in handy when you need to walk your dog in the rain. Raincoats, waterproof jackets, rain resistant shoes, umbrellas are some of the rain gears that you may like to invest in if your city gets a lot of rain during monsoon.

A raincoat can keep the fur dry and rubber booties can keep their paws protected from shards of glass or sharp pebbles that are invisible in the puddles. Make sure to get your dog to practice and get used to their raingear at home before they venture outdoor.

5. Check your doggo’s deworming calendar before the onset of monsoon:

Intestinal worms not just cause diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, loss of appetite and pain in your dog but can also lead to serious blockage in intestine that will need surgical intervention.

If you do not want your dog to suffer due to stomach worms, then make de-worming a priority before the onset of monsoon. Worms breed in the dirty water and will easily reach your dog’s stomach.

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6. Give your dog a high fiber, fresh food diet in monsoon:

Diet plays an important part in keeping your dog hale and hearty during the monsoon. Make sure that your pet in on a healthy dog food diet that is rich in natural, balanced nutrients like FurrMeals Home Cooked Pet Food.

Fresh food is the safest in this weather and also builds immunity in your furry. Add a generous dose of natural probiotics to improve your dog’s gut health.

7. Keep your dog well-groomed in monsoon:

Long fur, touching the ground and unclipped nails can be an easy latching surface for pests during their daily walk. Make sure that their fur is trimmed, nails clipped and ears inspected regularly to catch any unwanted creepy-crawly before it makes your doggo’s body their home.

Regular brushing, dental cleaning, nail clipping, ear cleaning should be a part of your dog’s regular grooming routine not just in monsoons but all round the year.

8. Keep your dog’s water bowl clean and pour fresh water regularly:

Make sure that your dog has a regular supply of fresh clean water all times. Change the water every few hours and wash the bowl regularly.

In case your dog does not have access to clean water, your dog may lick the dirty water from outside to quench their thirst and this is can be very harmful for your dog.

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9. Create a cozy corner in the house for your dog in case of thunderstorm:

Some pets suffer from anxiety during thunderstorm and find it difficult to sleep or even eat. Choose the quietest corner in the house and set up your dog’s bed with his favorite toys. Your dog can snuggle in the corner and wait for the storm to pass. Give them loads of hugs, kisses and healthy dog treats to make them feel safe.

In severe cases of anxiety, ask your vet for some anti-anxiety medicine for your dog to calm their nerves.

Being a bit more careful and watchful in these rainy months will make sure that your pet stays healthy. Your furry’s good health is very important and every infection they catch at this time will need medication and recovery time. So make sure you are well prepared to handle the monsoon with these handy monsoon care tips for dogs .