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Biggest Curiosity of how long to feed puppy food is Finally Answered

Having a new furry friend at home is so exciting but it is also a huge responsibility. Your furry needs a lot of attention and care especially in terms of their diet because diet plays a very critical role in their health and long life. Many pet parents these days keep themselves updated with their furry pal’s dietary needs and in that series, FurrMeals is trying to solve one of the biggest question that the pet parents have these days; How Long to Feed Puppy Food before switching to adult Dog Food.

Before we get into the discussion of How Long to Feed Puppy Food, let us try to understand what puppy food is and why is it important to keep your pup on a puppy food diet before shifting to adult dog food. As all pups are different and have different nutritional needs, so it is important to understand the sign on when your pup is ready to shift to adult dog food and also what are your best options of puppy food in Delhi.

What is Puppy Food?

Your small furr ball is growing rapidly, building bones and muscles at a faster pace than any adult dog. Hence, they need proper nutrition for strengthening bones and teeth, gaining muscle, and providing all of the energy required for playing and learning.

But, the question still remains, what should you feed them? What can be considered as a generic puppy food?

  1. A. Tony Buffington, Professor of Veterinary Clinical Sciences at The Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital, says to keep contacting your veterinarian for such suggestions. He says, “In the first six months or so, the nutrient needs are changing very quickly. And, they leave the least margin for error.”

This is an important point to note because these are the formative years of your pup and is building him up for a life. Your puppy diet should have a good quality protein, should be calorie-rich and should have the right amount of calcium. It is important to note that meat consumptions out of canned food should not in your priority list as responsible pet parents.

What is the Best Puppy Food?

According to Jennifer Freeman, DVM, Resident Veterinarian and Pet Care Specialist at PetSmart, looking for the right diet for dogs has significant health benefits. “Premium dog food would contain meat for protein, vitamin-rich vegetables and fruit, and omega fatty acids for a lustrous coat,” Freeman told NBC News, adding that “it is also likely to include less fillers like corn, wheat, and soy.”

As the time has changed, pet parents are more concerned about what to feed their furry friends and since they require nutrition and meals similar to that of the human, we cannot just let them have a random dog food packet found on the shelves of a supermarket. Higher-quality ingredients, improved sourcing, and advanced diet recipes all contribute to your furry’s optimal health. Understanding your puppy’s specific nutritional requirements is just as crucial as knowing what to feed him.


How long to feed puppy food to your furry friend?

The first year of your pup’s life is way more important than you might consider it to be. The first year of your pup’s life can be divided in to periods based on their changing nutritional needs and the number of meals per day to feed

The first year can be divided into four different phases:

The first year can be divided into four different phases:

• 6-12 WeeksYour puppy needs the specially designed puppy food at this age. Puppy food is formulated keeping in mind their specific nutritional needs for healthy development of your puppy. Adult dog food is not designed for the rapid puppy growth and would thus deprive your pup of some essential nutrients. Nutritional requirements are normally met with four meals a day at this age.

• 3-6 MonthsReduce the number of feeds from four to thrice a day at some point during this period. By 12 weeks, a puppy’s belly flab should be gone. Continue to feed puppy-size portions before their body type matures if they are still chubby at this age.

• 6-12 MonthsBy this phase, you can start feeding your furry pal twice a day. Switch from nutrient-rich puppy food to adult maintenance food. Small breeds can make the switch at 7 to 9 months, while larger breeds can do so at 12, 13, and even 14 months. It’s better to be on puppy food a little bit long than not long enough.

• After age 1 yearAdult dogs are typically fed two meals a day. You should typically calculate their Recommended Daily Allowance based on the age, weight and breed of the dog and then divide that into 2 meals a day.

The pet parents should always focus on the body structure of their pup to identify when to make the switch to adult dog food. A puppy who has attained 100% of the expected adult weight should be switched to adult dog food or else he will gain excess weight. Your Vet is also a good person to consult on How Long to Feed Puppy Food and when to make the switch to adult dog food.

When to Switch from Puppy Food

Besides keeping a watch on the weight chart of your pup, you can also identify by the way your pup eats puppy food to know when to make the switch. If your dog begins to miss meals or picks at food he would normally gobble up, it might be time to switch from a puppy to an adult diet. Puppy food contains more calories, which can make him feel full and reduce his desire to eat.

If you’ve already moved to an adult formula, your dog can will need a smaller portion size or less food at each meal.

The key to a good food transition is to take it slowly. Mix a small amount of adult food with your furry’s favourite puppy meal and gradually raise the amount over the course of a week, while reducing the puppy food.

You should only be feeding your dog adult food by the end of the week. It’s less likely that he’ll have gastrointestinal problems if he changes his diet gradually.

Best Fresh Puppy Food

Home-made Puppy Food in Town

As the pet parents, you would always want the best for your furry friend. From all the wide range of puppy food in the market ranging from premium packaged puppy food to high quality puppy food, byfar  the best puppy is fresh, balanced, home cooked puppy food made with real ingredients.

By should humans be the only ones eating a well-balanced, fresh food diet; your pet has the same need to do so. FurrMeals Fresh Pet Food is setting the standard for quality fresh puppy food in Delhi and all over India.

FurrMeals Home Cooked Fresh Pet Food is made using the freshest ingredients that have been hand-picked to ensure that your furry friend gets a nutritious meal. Each meal is weighed to make it suitable for your fur buddy and cooked slowly and lightly to maintain the nutritional value.

Therefore, to conclude, the answer to the question, How Long to Feed Puppy Food doesn’t come up with a simple answer. As pet parents, you need to invest your time, knowledge and expert advice to identify the right time to switch you pup from puppy food to adult food to make sure that your pup gets the optimum health benefits from the food.