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About Us

At FurrMeals we are committed to keeping your pet fit and healthy. We strongly believe that the food we choose to feed makes all the difference to our pet’s lives. Every pet can live a longer and healthier life with natural and wholesome nutrition. Our objective is to help you achieve your pet’s true potential with right nutrition.

It all started from a small family kitchen in Delhi with a need to keep our own furry healthy…

How it all started

It started when Buddy was diagnosed with Pancreatitis! Buddy is our founder Sujata’s super energetic, cute and naughty beagle boy! 

In 2018, when Buddy, a beautiful beagle boy, was just 4 years old – he started to lose weight, was throwing up frequently and falling sick again and again. He was diagnosed with an acute case of Pancreatitis, and like in most cases of Pancreatitis, his diet was the main culprit. But Buddy was always on a diet of one of the best commercial dog food that was there in the market. So, we wondered what can be a better food than that?

This was the motivation to start researching about dog food and we soon realised that what is commercially labelled as dog food is not always what is best for them. Like us dogs too need a diet of fresh, wholesome, natural and preservatives-free food. Feeding them a regular diet of dry dog food is similar to us eating processed fast food every day, which will certainly harm the body.

Driven by this passion to provide better nutrition to Buddy and thousands of other fur babies like him, we started FurrMeals. Designed by a group of highly skilled and qualified, Canine Nutritionists – FurrMeals is a natural, wholesome and healthier alternative to commercial dog food.

Our approach is very similar to how we feed our own family everyday -with fresh, high-quality, natural, balanced, preservative-free and nutrient rich food. FurrMeals is made in small batches and cooked gently to retain its nutritional value. Each meal is 100% natural, human grade and free from any artificial additives, by-products, fillers or preservatives. Every product is designed after extensive research and testing to make sure that they are the healthiest food for dogs.

With a range of natural Ready-to-Eat Wet dog food in multiple protein options, natural treats and the first of its kind Ready-to-Serve Chicken Bone Broth for dogs and cats, FurrMeals is the one-stop destination for all things natural and healthy for your paw star. By combining the convenience of packaged food with the love and goodness of a home cooked fresh food, we plan to revolutionize pet food and make it healthier and better for your furry.

About our founder
Sujata Bhattacharya

Sujata, a passionate pet mom, is the brain behind FurrMeals. It is her pure love for her own dogs and her concern for their health that has led to the idea behind this brand. An avid animal lover and a Certified Canine Nutritionist, she personally ensures that every food that comes out of the FurrMeals kitchens are of the highest quality standard and are perfect for the thousands of fur babies that we feed every single day. Whenever she is not busy playing with her cute beagles, Buddy & Hazel, you can either find her learning about the healing power of food or tinkering in her kitchen trying to create new recipes for pets.

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