5 most painful health problems in dogs.

If only our dogs and pups could talk they would tell us how they feel and what is bothering them, but unfortunately, that is not the case. They do try to communicate to us through their body language, paw shakes, facial expressions and even the way their tail wags or…

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Signs Your Dog Could Have Arthritis

If you have noticed that your once active dog does not run to the door every time the front bell rings, is much slower in getting up or takes much longer to walk his usual route then he could be developing arthritis. Take your furry to the veterinary if you notice any...

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Why Dogs Eat Grass?

I bet the first time you saw your fur ball chomping on the garden grass as if it’s the best fresh dog food in the world, you were shocked! Like many dog parents, you must have been alarmed and wondered if you should visit the vet at the earliest! Your fur ball is...

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How Often Should You Clean The Dog Food Bowl?

How often do you clean your doggo’s food bowl?Like most pet parents…probably, not enough… Here is a fact you must know before you start shaking you head to say it’s not really that important because my dog licks the most dirty places so what is a little crusty...

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